Amesbury is a mid-sized development and investment company focused on commercial real estate (warehouse, offices), principally medium and small-unit industrial schemes in Prague 5 – Zličín, Chrášťany (Prague-West), Plzeň-Křimice and Plzeň-Vejprnice. In residential field Amesbury is concerned with the projects for sale of flats and family houses in Prague suburban markets and second-tier cities in the Czech Republic. Amesbury is also focused on alternative energy projects such as utility-scale photovoltaic and combined heat-electricity co-generation projects.

The company started its activities in the Czech Republic in 1997 and has been active in CEE through its partner’s predecessor entities since 1993. The company-owned-portfolio of projects has been built up through organic growth and now houses the operations of over 50 companies and produces energy in a number of different cities in the region.

Amesbury is currently seeking investment and development projects in the Czech Republic and Poland.